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Falling Backward

While climbing up from the abyss, be extremely careful looking back. It’s far too easy to lose your grip when you take your eyes off the goal…

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Random Song

Hope For Better Days

Things may be dark, but do not lose hope!
Re-Think came up with most of the ideas in this song until it came to the big drop. It felt great to come up with such a satisfying drop after all the buildup…

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Featured Remixes

Misplaced Emotion (Wobby Funkel Remix)

Direct your emotions properly or you may just find yourself stuck in a downward spiral…
I don’t remember much of the specific circumstances surrounding the creation of this song, but I do recognize the exact headspace that inspired it…

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Moonlight And Shadows (Ayrun remix)

As you walk alone through the woods, the shadows cast by the moon begin to prey upon your imagination…
I spent a good amount of time learning how to make the large pad sounds and wobbles in this song as it was the first time I had a synth that powerful to work with. It easily blew everything else I had at the time out of the water.

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