You’ve Been There (feat. Cerebral Malfunction) – Single

The flickering lights and hum of electrical equipment quickly fade to the back of your consciousness as you realize there is a body in the tank in front of you. What was going on here? Only one way to find out…

Below The Surface – Single

It takes a lot of searching to truly understand. At first, all you perceive is darkness. Only after careful exploration do you finally begin to discover what is really lurking below the surface…

Falling Backward – Single

While climbing up from the abyss, be extremely careful looking back. It’s far too easy to lose your grip when you take your eyes off the goal…

Outlook Express – Single

In your journey through the snow, you come across a damaged cargo container. The spilled contents give off a strange glow that invites you to give it a closer look…

Drowning – Single

The deep waters invite exploration, but you must stay vigilant. You never know what you may find…

Rediscovery – Album

Digging through and reviving old projects brings back all sorts of memories. The closure of completion places them into a sensible arrangement. By doing this,

Aesthetic Appeal – EP

When creating, I sometimes don’t know why something works. There is beauty in the mystery as it directs me towards something greater. A Design and

Breaking The Silence – EP

Often, it is best to stay silent. A hasty tongue is a sure sign of a chaotic mind. When I am careful to measure my

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Moonlight And Shadows (Ayrun remix)

As you walk alone through the woods, the shadows cast by the moon begin to prey upon your imagination…
I spent a good amount of time learning how to make the large pad sounds and wobbles in this song as it was the first time I had a synth that powerful to work with. It easily blew everything else I had at the time out of the water.

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Misplaced Emotion (Wobby Funkel Remix)

Direct your emotions properly or you may just find yourself stuck in a downward spiral…
I don’t remember much of the specific circumstances surrounding the creation of this song, but I do recognize the exact headspace that inspired it…

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