In All Seasons

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The world is constantly changing around you. Keep growing and learning or you will be left behind…

While I was working on this song, I was going through a bit of a transitional period of my life. I decided to drop out of college. I had no idea what I was doing with my life, but I knew I was wasting my time and money where I was. The different moods in the song seemed to reflect the changes I was going through, hence the name. It is meant to be in series after “Embrace The Journey,” making the sentence, “Embrace the journey in all seasons.” I did this because I needed to remind myself that every season of life is worth embracing.

The car starting sample in the middle of the song is my minivan. I remember this particularly well because I crushed a pair of somewhat expensive in-ear-monitors in my car door right before starting the car for the recording. I was pretty disappointed in myself for that as I had just bought them a week earlier. I managed to fix them later with some very careful soldering and Gorilla Glue! I lost that van in an accident a year later and I still miss it. RIP, man-van.

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