Lost In Translation

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This is another song that is just pure fun! The steady beat in combination with the glitches throughout that break it up made this song fun to work on throughout. As with other songs like this, I created all the basics of the structure, rhythm, melodies, and sounds in one 8-hour live streaming session. It’s always exciting to see things come together quickly like that and it made it fun for the many additional hours I spent on all the details having the main ideas in place.

A few parts of the production process stand out to me as I write this out. For the main chorus/drop section, I used a variation of the buildup section with some glitches on it to make the background texture. To do this, I rendered out that portion without the lead and added a boatload of reverb to create a “washing over” sort of feeling to it. From there, I made the volume automate to the kick and snare so it felt more rhythmic and added some glitches to keep it interesting and further add to the rhythm. The other part that stands out is the lead. For this, I created a synth-guitar hybrid patch and made sure to add pitch bends, vibrato and other things to make it sound more “human.”

The reason for the title is twofold. First, I used a choir plugin that could speak phrases, so I added in some latin phrases to add texture and interest to them. Second, the combination of a foreign language with video-game aesthetics in the sound design reminded me of all the terrible english translations of Japanese games from back in the day. As a fan of memes and general meme-culture, the contributions of these games to our global joke-vocabulary is invaluable.

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