HexBoard Build Guide

Step 1: Take the 11 brass inserts and place them skinny side down into the holes on the back of the frame. Use your soldering iron to press them in. Make sure they go in just past flush. You will experience regret among other unpleasant emotions if you solder the switches in before this step. […]

HexBoard MIDI Controller

Plug & Play The HexBoard connects to your computer with USB C. No drivers or special software needed. Works immediately with all midi-compatible software. Likewise, firmware updates are as simple as drag-and-drop. Don’t have a laptop with you? Just power it off USB and use the built-in buzzer to jam old-school style with simple square […]

HexBoard Interest Form

I cannot give you an exact date when this will be available, but I would like to keep you in the loop on this project. Leave your email here and you’ll be the first to know when I have big updates. This form will only sign you up for updates on this specific project. I […]